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Starting From Zero
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Welcome to Fred Lam Audiobook Review – Starting from Zero. After the success of the first edition of the book, Fred Lam has released the second edition of the book on April 9, 2019.

Let see what’s inside this new audiobook and how helpful it can be in fulfilling your eCommerce entrepreneurial dreams.

Book Name: Starting from Zero
Book Type: Audiobook + Digital Copy
Author: Fred Lam
Release Date: April 9th, 2019

About the Author:

Before talking about the book, let’s talk about Fred Lam. If you are into eCommerce business you probably have heard about him.

Fred Lam started everything from zero. After struggling during the initial period of his career, he finally found the code of success. Today, he is the owner of multimillion-dollar businesses, including iPro Academy.

Fred has coached thousands of students around the world to succeed in the eCommerce business. If you are looking forward to becoming an online entrepreneur then e-commerce niche is the best place to get started.

What’s Inside the Fred Lam AudioBook?

‘Starting From Zero’ teaches a simple 5-Steps system to build an online business when you’re starting with NOTHING.

Step-1 Store Creation

Step-2 Inventory Arbitrage

Step-3 Targeted Visitors

Step-4 Profit Multiplier

Step-5 Rinse & Repeat

The complete secret of this 5-Steps system is inside the book. Fred Lam’s students have generated $31 Million in sales. In fact, most of his students started with this book. These RESULTS are impressive.

The author had mentioned during the release that in comparison to the last edition, this edition has a lot more content and advance strategies, to start an eCommerce business, without hassle.

From the initial outlook, this book seems to be worth buying for the immense information it provides to make your dreams come true.

There is a piece of great news that the publisher has not kept a high ticket barrier to own this book. You can get this Fred Lam audiobook for a dollar and ninety-nine ($1.99) only + a FREE digital copy of this book.

Fred Lam is a successful eCommerce entrepreneur and this is a great opportunity to gain some value from his experience.

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Before starting a business, it’s always advisable to learn the skills and tactics of that business to grow faster and consistently.

From the initial preview and author’s experience in this niche, this audiobook seems to be worth trying if you are serious about starting your own online store from zero.

Starting From Zero Fred Lam
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