How to Optimize Landing Page Template that Converts?

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Why Landing Page Template is Important for your Business?

You may be wondering as you have already put up a great looking website for your customers but not getting conversions. Do I need a landing page?

Yes, of course. I call landing pages as TRAINED NINJAS.

They are professionally designed and automated to handle your business from the front-end and generate sales and leads throughout the year. All you need is to run campaigns from time to time, capture leads, send offers to prospects, retarget, and scale your business to a new milestone.

Running landing page campaigns quite often not only generates valuable leads and sales but also creates brand awareness and puts you up as an authority.

A website can provide valuable information for visitors interested in your service or product. But the conversion part mostly relies on the landing page. If you have a high converting landing page in place and backed by reliable autoresponders and stunning sales page then customer acquisition becomes very easy.

Do you have a sales team struggling to generate leads?  Give them an optimized landing page and their life will be easier.

Website Page vs Landing Page vs Squeeze Page

Sometimes you may wonder, which one is best for my business – a website or a landing page or a squeeze page? My answer is ‘All’. These three digital assets are very important for your business. You need to use them as per PURPOSE. Let’s compare these three pages.

Website Page: Whether you have a brick-and-mortar business or an online business, a website is a most important asset for your business. The website is a digital representation of your business that is open and available 24 x 7. In today’s scenario, if somebody is looking for info about a product or service, the first thing he or she may do is to visit the website page. A website usually has multiple pages, beautiful design, and navigation.

Landing Page: A visitor may land on landing pages while searching for information, product or, services. Landing pages are designed to influence people to do some specific action, what we call in technical terms as CTA (Call to Action). The action can be filling name and e-mail or maybe downloading some digital product. Sometimes landing pages are also used as a gateway for the sales pages. A landing page has minimal navigation and content, to keep visitor focussed on the purpose of creating the landing page.

Squeeze Page: A squeeze page can be called as a mini landing page. But squeeze pages usually do not have navigation or graphics. They usually contain a main heading, an image or video and a lead capture form. They are quickly designed for mass campaigns, to pick leads fast.



The main PURPOSE of a squeeze page is CAPTURE LEADS

From this comparison you can easily understand that each of these pages is equally important for your business, selection totally depends upon the PURPOSE.

Essentials of a High Converting Landing Page

Once you know the secrets of designing a landing page that is high converting then you will never struggle for LEADS and will always stay ahead of COMPETITION.

If you are struggling with conversions or thinking of setting a landing page for your business then stay tuned, these tips will surely help you.

But before going ahead with the secrets, please understand that there is no PERFECT landing page. You need to do own research and split test various landing page versions before implementing it for your business.

The FIVE pillars of a good landing page are:

  1. Minimalist Website Designs

The design of a landing page should be simple, clean and focussed on purpose.

Minimal website design sense indicates using fewer website components to simplify the user interface. This type of design is adopted by most of the bigger companies to minimize loading time, branding, make quick design changes for split testing and focus on conversions.

The design is an important component of a landing page; keep minimum components on your page to prevent user distraction. The design should be simple and eye-catching. Digitalocean landing page is a stunning-design-example.


  1. How to Design an Effective Landing Page?

Be focussed from start and pay attention to details. Here are some ideas to incorporate into your landing pages:

  • Conversion block should be on the top of the page. Most of the visitors landing on the page are already persuaded by ad copy/ article so enable them to add information immediately without scrolling. If your landing page is long, make sure to add CTA block in the middle and end of the page.
  • Must have a heading text in ‘bigger fonts’ for quickly grabbing attention to the subject. And also make sure that the heading text should match with your AD copy or pre-selling page.
  • Use minimal graphics to improve loading time for better user experience. Minimal graphics also prevent user distraction.
  • Add ample white spaces around the content elements. This will help to add focus back to blocks where user interaction is planned.
  • Reduce navigation components. This will help the user to stay focused on the subject and they will not navigate away from your conversion point.
  • Contents should be centred to keep the eyeballs focussed on the subject.
  • Use bright color scheme and creative design web elements.
  1. Concise Marketing Copy

Most of the visitors landing on your page are already persuaded by the PPC ad or email. All you need is to quickly get to the point and capture the lead.

  • Pay close attention to each and every word while copywriting.
  • Add short text in the bulleted format.
  • The copy should quickly tell visitors what they need to do next. In this case, go to the CTA block.
  • DO NOT promise things on the copy that you can’t deliver.
  • Testimonials, client’s logos, social influence and success stories influence buying decision. Do not forget to add these to your copy if you have a long landing page.
  1. A Clear Call to Action

Before designing the CTA block make sure you are clear about your goals. If you want the user to download some free book without collecting any personal info then the CTA block should highlight the DOWNLOAD button.

If CTA purpose is to collect information then the form should be short and should ask for only vital information. First-time visitors will never feel comfortable or willing to fill all personal information. Keep in mind to add a privacy policy, terms, and disclaimer to your landing page.

As you already know that the main purpose of a landing page is to persuade visitors to do some action (your goal). CTA is the backbone of any sales page. CTA should be supported by design, copy and each and every element present on the page. The CTA button should be functional and able to trigger the job you wanted to do, like data capturing, downloading or navigating to the sales page.

  1. Connected to Automation Tools

Are you capturing leads and sending the data using general form processor? STOP you are going to KILL all your marketing efforts, literally. The mindset of a potential customer can change anytime. You need to act fast and close the deal.

The marketing automation tool helps to save your energy and brings faster results. All you have to do is set the automation tools once and test its functionality before starting any campaign as a general rule of thumb.

That’s why every marketing company invests on autoresponders that can capture lead fast, add to your mailing list, and broadcast your follow-up emails on autopilot.

Think of a scenario where you connected an automation tool to your CTA block but you forget to test it. Guess what happens? When you start running the campaigns you find that you are getting zero results. And when you decide to check the connection you find that the page is throwing some error. Time and money WASTED.

I strongly recommend using the automation tools for e-mail marketing, analytics, trends and SEO tools for your marketing projects.

EMAIL MARKETING is the very basic one which you can’t afford to miss. As per business requirement, you can choose a service provider.

Aweber is one of the leading premium email marketing tools, perhaps you already have heard about it.

Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications

In case you have zero budgets now then you can start with SendPulse which allows up to 2500 subscribers absolutely FREE. Try free now and get $50 off if you want to upgrade.

Real Life Examples of Landing Pages that Converts

Okay, let’s go through some successful landing page examples for design inspiration. Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced marketer these design examples will surely help you build a high converting landing page. You will LOVE it!

1.  MOZ


This is a perfect example of a landing page that converts. It has a killer headline, to persuade people looking for SEO tools and analytics. They are quickly presented with two options to proceed, without any need of scrolling down.

2. Cloudways


I like this landing page because it quickly focuses on the purpose. The CTA button is smartly exposed by contrasting with the header color. Offer to start FREE is more likely to get clicked.

3. Ringba


This is a stunning CTA page. The visitor is quickly presented with two options to choose thus satisfying various user interests. The page contains a futuristic animation to hold user attention. The headline text is also very little and directly supporting CTA block.

4. Progressive Casualty Insurance Company


This is an example of a classical landing page where CTA block is located right in front. The visitor looking for car insurance can quickly add details, to get a quote. No deviation from the prime purpose. The block is placed in the centre to grab attention and initiate an action.

5. Codecademy


This academic landing page focuses on a form where students can fill the form to get started for free. The student image overlayed by a headline fully supports the CTA block and puts back the attention to the form.

6. Lyft


This is a cool example of a clean landing page design with stunning graphics. People interested in driving can start by simply filling one field i.e mobile number.

Start Creating Stunning Landing Pages in Minutes

Got Inspired? Let’s start building landing page from today itself.

Many of you will ask a question at this point”I don’t have coding knowledge how can I build a page from scratch?”

It’s super easy. You just need to find a landing page template and start optimizing for your business. As a marketing professional, you need to put most of your efforts in running campaigns, not building capture pages from scratch.

For your ease, I have picked some premium landing page templates that you can download instantly and start optimising for your business right now. You can start for as low as $5. Isn’t that amazing?


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